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World Class On-Location Sound Mixer
Phoenix, Arizona ... Southwest United States ... Worldwide

Seasoned sound mixer based in Phoenix, Arizona Trusted by Top Names in the Industry

A-List HD Sound Recording & Mixing

Work with me and you won’t have to stress out about the sound mixing for your on-location production. Whether you’re shooting a documentary, reality TV, sporting event, news event, live shot ... I’ve been there and know how to plan for almost any imaginable contingency. We can keep the drama to minimum because I’ve got ...

  • All the latest equipment to record the best-possible audio for your project.
  • Years of experience that makes me a top-notch trouble shooter who easily adjusts to changes.
  • A passion for every job that drives me to record technically-correct sound that also captures the essence of the project.

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Cell: 602-228-8796

Services Great Audio, Great Attitude, Great Service

I Can Handle All Your On Location Sound Mixing

Whatever your project entails, no matter the location challenges, I’ve got you covered. Most of my business is word-of-mouth, so my ultimate goal is to always make sure you (and your bosses) are happy. I can handle:

Complex Set-ups

  • Multiple cameras
  • Extensive live remote experience
  • Multiple wireless microphones, including hidden lavaliers
  • Wireless camera hop
  • Synced dual boom interviews

Delivering What YOU Need

  • EFP/ENG sound packages
  • Timecode synced high track count iso recording
  • Both .wav and/or .mp3 recording
  • Producer/Director monitoring/IFB
  • On-location additions and changes

Working With Micro-Crews

I have the knowledge and experience to step in where needed to ensure you get the best product all-around, even in the most challenging circumstances.

Looking for something else you don’t see here?

I’ve probably done that too. Contact me today to book your shoot and let me know.

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About Me I’m a Good-Humored, Reliable, Accurate, Trustworthy Sound Guy

Brian SepowitzI’ve been doing on-location sound mixing for all the majors for more than fifteen years and I love what I do. I started out on the camera-side of the equation, working for a news channel in Florida. In the beginning most of my work was in small markets, so I was lucky enough to be able to get my hands on all the equipment and gain a ton of all-around camera and sound experience. I really loved sound mixing and decided to strike out on my own more than ten years ago. It was the best decision I ever made.

I have been doing on location sound mixing for everything from major network/studios to small independent productions. I enjoy the excitement of going to new places, meeting new crews, and being a champion problem solver. It is always my goal to deal with any problems that come up as quickly as possible. I have backups to my backups, and enough experience to be able to think of a million things that could wrong. I always plan ahead and am ready to adjust.

Work with me once and see why producers and directors hire me again and again, and why camera crews recommend me - they know I am going to record the best, most accurate audio possible.

Portfolio / Experience On-Location Sound Mixing

You Need It, I Can Do It

Whatever you need from your location sound mixer, I’ve got the experience to capture the tone and feel you’re looking for. Thanks to fifteen years of experience, I know what to do and expect — and you don't need to worry.

Let’s get your project on the books.

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Brian Sepowitz


2221 N Mitchell St
Phoenix, AZ 85006


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Brian Sepowitz, Phoenix-based on-location sound mixer, has the experience, the equipment, and the know-how to deliver superior audio and sound for your project.